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Wow, your pain sounds just like mine. My pain usually starts as pressure right where my sternum meets my stomach then the spasms start and are excruciating running from the top of my stomach up my esophagus and also radiates into my neck/jaw. Hours into the episode and the pain will also radiate under my left breast. I've tried tums and hyoscyamine during it but nothing helped. This last 9 hr one was so unbelievably awful. My cardiologist put me on a calcium channel blocker (cardizem) for blood pressure and said it should also help with the spasms.

So far I haven't had a major attack since then, but I also have panic disorder and OCD so it's like I live in fear of the next one. I've read that some people have relief with mylanta so I bought some of that. My cardiologist said that nitroglycerin under the tongue stops the spasms but didn't give me any. I'm trying to get a GI appt now. But these spasms are just the worst! And I get regular kidney stones that I have to pass but esophageal spasm pain trumps that pain. I hope you have luck getting help with yours.

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