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I have not had my liver tested at all. I did have extensive blood tests done when I was pregnant and everything came out normal. I've been taking extra iron on/off for years due to slight anemia when I was younger.

This morning did not go well. I woke up needing to pee (normal), but was not able to go back to sleep due to building anxiety. I think some of the Dexilant is still in my system and was increasing my heart rate again. Not long after, I began feeling nauseous. I didn't exhibit any heart burn, although I did feel like I had indigestion and coughed (so, obviously acid reflex was coming back). I have continued to use Zantac 150 before bedtime.

Over the coarse of several hours, I needed to take BuSpar, Xanax, Protonix, and Zofran. *Now* I finally feel fine. I should NOT have to do this every morning in order to feel functional all because of acid reflex.

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