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Hi all, i'm just looking to see if anyone has been in a similar boat to me before. Bit of background info, i'm 26, generally healthy male, who is slightly overweight.

I've had some issues with reflux throughout my life, as a child, and also a nasty bout of heartburn and reflux when i was 19. Around this time last year i'd gained some weight in my final year of uni and was regularly getting bad heartburn. I went to my GP and he perscribed me omeprazole, and suggested he thought i may have a hiatus hernia as well. The omeprazole contained all the symptoms but in the year since i've had heartburn regularly, but some left over omeprazole has always banished it. My diet until very recently has been a nightmare for GERD, with caffeine, processed foods and chocolate being a pretty much daily indulgence, and so that is what i put it all down to, as alcohol also caused some issues. At the back end of last month i was having quite a bad flare up and my omeprazole was running low, despite only having taken one a week or so previously, so i decided to go back to see a GP. He perscribed me more omeprazole to deal with the flare up, and to take 40mg a day. This totally cleared my heartburn, but i was very naughty with my diet once it cleared (or at least thats what i want to put it down to) and have since been suffering new symptoms that i've not had before.

I was having much more intense chest pain, both behind the sternum and spread out, whilst i've not been struggling to swallow i've been able to feel it go down, i've constantly felt the need to burp, and i've been refluxing more, with very small amounts of food and liquid i've recently had. I went back to my GP once these new symptoms started and he has put me on 40mg Pantoprazole, and ordered an upper endoscopy. The pantoprazole has reduced the pain massively, and whilst i did feel like my esophagus was burning for a day at the back end of last as well that is no longer constant, but still occasional, however my other symptoms are continuing, along with some new abdominal pain, despite the new meds which i've been on for a few days now, despite me moving immediately onto a much more bland diet, avoiding any foods which are believed to encourage GERD. To be honest these new symptoms have terrified me, as they are quite different to my previous experiences of just heartburn and a some reflux. I'm really, really scared something more serious is underlying it all like cancer. I've been really anxious, and i know that is potentially gonna be encouraging the constant need to burp and maybe even the reflux. I was wondering if anyone had been in a similar boat, of developing new symptoms? I honestly just want this upper endoscopy desperately so I can hopefully know there is nothing seriously wrong!

Sorry about the essay, i'm just really strung out. Hoping I'm not alone in all this!

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