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Hi, everyone--new to the boards here, so a quick background...

I'm a 45 year old male in good health. I've had acid reflux for a good 10 years now; it runs in the family. In any case, it's been well controlled by a mixture of weight, diet and Lansoprazole. Until a few weeks ago, anyway.

Last summer, I was under extreme stress, and I developed dysphagia so bad I went on a soft food diet. The dysphagia went away with the stress--I went on antidepressants for awhile. Every so often it would come back; I would have a little bit of trouble swallowing dry food, but I could always get around it with a good drink of water. Most of the time, it was fine.

But two weeks ago, it came back with a vengeance. Along with the trouble swallowing, I'm getting chest pain, which is happening with both solids and liquids. I can feel the reflux tickling the back of my throat. The chest pain is pretty much constant. The swallowing isn't as bad this time--I can get everything down--but it does feel like it's hanging up for a little bit at the base of the throat.

It's no coincidence that once more, I'm under incredible stress. That could be it, because, like an idiot, I went and tried to diagnose myself with good ol' Dr. Google. Now I'm scared that I have esophageal cancer.

I had a barium swallow done last year that showed a possible motility issue. One doctor said there was nothing there, and the other said it looked like my esophagus wasn't quite emptying the way it should. I'm scheduled for another barium swallow in two weeks, but my anxiety is out of control due to cancer fears.

Can anyone help me with this? Has anyone gone through the same thing, and what was the result? This fear is keeping me awake at night!

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