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Gerd or acid reflux
May 10, 2017
Hi everyone .Since breaking my ankle on January 1st this year I have had many health problems .Flank pain .micro blood in 2 urine tests .All blood work came back ok ?? At the moment my GERD has flared up & is horrible .Pain in the upper back too.My Doctor took me off Lanzoprazole last year so I use Gaviscon regularly with not much result .I am a Vegan so no animal products and plenty of fresh foods .Just wondering if any of you lovely people on this forum has any tips because the Doctor told me 5 weeks ago my body has been through a trauma plus I am 60 years old!I have changed my Doctor and have an appointment on May 15th and she is very approachable.So hope she can get to the bottom of my ailments .I also suffer from anxiety .Thank you .
[QUOTE=unbroken707;5459383]Have you been tested for H Pylori and low stomach acid? How about parasites?[/QUOTE]

Hi .Thank you so much for your reply .My Doctor has sent my blood work away re H Pylori and she will give me the results when I see her on June 13th! No parasites !She did say that I may need endoscopy & I have probably got Hiatal Hernia !Symptoms are quite severe some days !Reflux,belching.pain in upper back UGGG.My husband thinks my anxiety is making it worse! He may be right but it's debilitating .Zantac is useless! Trying to chill out in bed now as I don"t sleep well either. How does GERD affect you? Sending you love & light.

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