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Had my follow-up with GI on 9/14. The pH testing showed no acid in stomach when off the PPI and when on the PPI. When I was originally tested prior to NF, the mobility testing showed I have Hypercontractile Esophagus (Nutcracker/Jackhammer Esophagus) and that the GERD symptoms could be from that. Since I can't take calcium channel blockers, my GI has put me on 25 mg Amitriptyline which he says will take about 3 months to see if it will help. I go back in 4 months for a follow-up.
I use Alka-Seltzer and Mylanta when it feels like I am having a reflux episode. The Mylanta only works for a short time, but the Alka-Seltzer seems to work for a longer period of time. My GI had put me on Pantoprazole (couldn't take generic Prilosec) shortly after this all started. When I went for my follow-up after 96 hr pH test, he put me on Amitriptyline and told me to continue the Pantoprazole. I am still having reflux episodes but will continue on the meds and see if I have any improvement by the time I go back in January.
Have they looked into doing an Esophagram or Barium Swallow for you? It is my understanding from my specialists that the wrap can appear intact during an EGD, but the EGD won't necessarily show if the wrap has slipped and may miss if it is too tight. My Pulmonologist said if the wrap is too tight it can result in some of the same symptoms.

You may look into low stomach acid at this point as well.

With the severity of my issues, I am high dose PPI's for life. I take Gaviscon for breakthrough and Zantac if needed. I developed IBS as a result of my acid reflux issues. If my IBS is off, I find my acid reflux symptoms get worse so I have to stay on top of that. Since we not have less stomach surface, we absorb nutrients less than normal. That can throw off the the GI system for me as well. It is a tough balance. I am just thankful my symptoms have not been life threatening as they were pre-surgery.

The Amitiptyline is interesting. Once I got my reflux and asthma under control, I continued with the chronic cough. My ENT ended up putting me on the Amitriptyline for a neurogenic cough. Basically, my vagus nerve had become irritated with everything I had gone through. The low-dose Amitriptyline did help 'calm' the vagus nerve to get the coughing under control. For me, less coughing meant less squeezing of the stomach which was pushing acid up into my esophagus. The Amitriptyline also helped me sleep, which I needed after so long with poor sleep due to pain and discomfort.
I've had the barium back in October 2016 and it showed everything was fine. I don't see in any of my previous posts that when my GI placed the Bravo, he scoped as far down as he could go. In his report, he did note that the wrap appeared loose, but at follow-up he didn't mention anything about the wrap being loose. He indicated that it was functioning properly. As of today, the only relief being on the Amitriptyline is giving is that the heartburn isn't as bad, but still have all other symptoms.

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