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Hi all,

Late in May I started getting acid reflux almost daily/nightly. I had overnight reflux which I didn't realize was really killing my esophagus. I've had reflux for 10 years or so but it comes and goes.

On June 8th I ate a piece of steak and it got stuck where my collarbone meets my throat. I had to go to the ER and they gave me Valium and Attivan to calm down - eventually the steak passed. The doctor said I most likely had a Schatzki Ring and she's seen it hundreds of times. They gave me omeprazole and sent me on my way.

I took the Omeprazole but it made me feel really weak, I also came down with a bad viral infection/sore throat a few days later. I switched to the capsule Omeprazole with Magnesium and that seemed to alleviate the tiredness. Two weeks went by and I was able to eat somewhat normal, and eventually my anxiety of swallowing somewhat passed. I'd still take small bites but it would go down fairly easy.

Last Saturday my 14 day supply ran out and I didn't refill. I had some junk food like Soda on Saturday and I know that didn't help me any. I started feeling food going down slowly again, having to focus on chewing and swallowing basic meats like chicken and tuna, or bread. Even Ice Cream would make me sort of gag due to it's thick consistency.

Tuesday morning I started omeprazole again and I've been on it for 3 days. Wondering if going off it was a bad idea and now it's taking time to work again, or If I, like many others, will need the dreaded throat stretching procedure.

I have just about every symptom: burping excessively (throat burps), food and water gets "stuck" like a funnel in throat until it goes down, bloating, weight loss (from fear of eating anything).

I have a panic/anxiety disorder and the doctors wanted to test my thyroid with the blood they collected (very glad I had a good CBC, otherwise I assume they would have told me I had cancer). My T levels came back fine.

I am stressing out and hyperfocused on my throat, and it's still sore at night and in the morning (allergy season perhaps?) Sometimes when talking loudly I can feel my vocal cord hit the side of my throat by the collarbone where the stricture is and it's a litle sore, or at least apparent.

I just need a little help and/or reassurance. I can't see a doctor until July 17th and I'm petrified of being put to sleep. Basically a fear of everything. :(

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