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I am a 46 year old female. I usually don't have heartburn at all unless I eat something really spicy, then lie down. Sometimes not even then. I had a bout of heartburn years ago for a while, but it has never resurfaced.

About a month ago, my neurologist put me on propranolol (beta blocker) for migraine prevention. Within a day, my heartburn was awful, so I stopped it a few days later. It did take about a week of taking zantac to get back to normal (no heartburn). She then put me on metoprolol (another beta blocker), to see if it worked without the heartburn. It did the same thing within a day so I went off that as well. I recovered from the heartburn a few days later.

2 weeks ago, she put me on verapamil (calcium channel blocker), and for 7 days, I had no problem taking it. Then the heartburn hit and it was awful - worse than the first two drugs. After doing a little research, I see that beta blockers and calcium channel blockers both are notorious for causing GERD because they weaken your LES. Great.

Well, I started the Zantac AGAIN after stopping the verapamil, but this time, it's really bad and won't go away. It's been a week since stopping the verapamil, and the heartburn is still pretty bad.

First, let me say that I cannot take PPIs because I tried them years ago and they give me horrendous headaches that last for days and are hard to treat. Zantac does not cause me any problems, but it also doesn't seem to be doing anything!

I am taking 150 in the morning before breakfast and 150 before dinner. Eating has been a challenge because I feel awful after eating. For the past 5 days, I've only eaten chicken, steamed veggies, potatoes, oatmeal, etc. Yesterday, I felt really good until I fell asleep on the couch (half reclined) after eating a handful of tortilla chips.

So, I have some questions...

1. How should I be taking the Zantac? The first one in the morning before breakfast seems fine, but should the second one be before dinner (which I feel like I need because the food bothers me), or before bed?

2. I have read that prescription Zantac is stronger. Can I get a script from my Dr for this? Or can I just take more otc Zantac than 300 daily?

3. If the Verapamil (calcium channel blocker) indeed relaxed my LES and caused this, is it reversible? Is all the pain because I have done damage to my esophagus from the stomach acid? How long might that take to heal?

4. It feels good to me to sip on water (room temperature) that good or bad? I've read both online.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me. I am in a lot of discomfort and I'm so mad that I ever tried those drugs in the first place because I am afraid they have caused me to have GERD...maybe forever. I am really hoping and praying it can heal since I have stopped the med.


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