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I suffer from acid reflux, but manage to keep it under control with simple antacids.

I woke up yesterday morning after a bad sleep and felt nausea and bad indigestion symptoms. I decided to take a couple antacids but they didn't help. I went to the toilet and had diarrhoea.
I drank some water, but as soon as I thought about food it made me feel very nauseous.

An hour later I took another antacid, it didn't help so I decided it must be something else going on.

Through out the whole day, I was feeling nausea, bloating, lots of burping.
I had very very small amount of food because of my nausea, and felt weak so I just stayed on my couch all day.

In the evening, I started getting aches in my joints of my arms, and other parts of my body. My lower back aches badly and this lasted up until I went to sleep and woke up this morning fine, and was able to eat properly.

This really worried me, I was thinking I had a stomach ulcer or coming down with the flu, but I feel 90% today just a little tired.

Is this a bad case of GERD/Indegestion (considering some of the obvious symptoms)? Or something I should visit my GP about?

I don't want to go through that again!

Thanks for reading.

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