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I have never experienced this before until about 2 months after i finally got back on track with my meal plan and recovery from my eating disorder. It was just around meal times that I would be burping a lot but now it is constant. It is not food related because I will eat food and no liquids and I will be fine. If i drink liquids, thatís when the burping starts and doesnít stop. Itís not like your basic 3-4 burping cause you are drinking a carbonated and acidic beverage. It happens even with water. It is not painful at all. It is just very irritating and uncomfortable. I have tried tums and prilosec and neither of those worked. My doctor told me to keep trying the tums and if that doesnít help then go see her again. I do not have any food coming up or stomach acid. Nothing goes in my mouth. It is basically just burping a lot. I also hear noises in my digestive system before it happens. It used to be manageable but now I sometimes do not even notice when it is happening. It feels different than just a burp though because burping you have to open your mouth for and I donít with this. It is not acid reflux or GERD because there is no heartburn or any pain/burning sensation. It feels like a constant lump getting re created in my esophagus and if i donít burp it up and try to hold it in then my throat will gurgle all weird. Sometimes it happens when I am talking I will just randomly do it without noticing. I try to stop myself from doing it but then i feel the bubble getting bigger in my chest. It isnít a problem when I sleep and there is nothing else wrong with my body besides the burping. Does anyone know what it could be? We have ruled out hiatal hernia, acid reflux, GERD, irritable bowl syndrome, and it being related to what I eat or drink. It doesnít matter what I drink, it will still happen. If i drink something carbonated or more acidic then it happens even more often and then it might feel different or burn a little but i donít even notice it. I have tried taking smaller sips or bigger sips and neither made a difference. Someone please help me I cannot keep living with this.

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