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You bet -- stuff keeps draining down from my head and that may be the cause of the raspy voice and soreness, but... it could also be reflux coming up and burning my throat.

I've got a new symptom, too -- a sharp pain under left breast area of chest that wrapped around to my back -- deep within the ribs it seemed. Lasted all of two minutes and was just while I was slowly walking through my house. Ridiculous.

I know cardiac/heart pain doesn't present in that way, i.e., sharp and brief, but it's always a concern. I also have recognized GERD and it's gotten worse over two years but I just saw a specialist for first time. I don't know if the sharp sudden pain under left breast and around to back as related or not, but according to various message boards, it may very well be.

I like the sound of Samson's tip re sodium bicarb mixed with water. Tums have usually killed the burning throat but I only recently got the pressure/burning in chest too. All of it is considered 'heartburn.'

The quick sharp chest pain is new to me. My heart has been checked out within the past year and yes, I have congenital problems like MVP and such but I had a zero hard calcium score on that fancy ERCP test (like a CT scan) at Cedars-Sinai in L.A. and docs were impressed. Zero build up in arteries is optimal so I doubt this is a traditional heart attack. Oh, and of course I have a generalized anxiety problem all the time, too.

I'm not much happier thinking this new sharp pain thing is 'digestive-related though. All of these things are so uncomfortable. Hugs to everybody.

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