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I've now had a throat-clearing cough and post-nasal drip for 8 months, with a couple bouts of laryngitis. I experience little to no heartburn. In May, I developed walking pneumonia which was cleared with antibiotics. Right after, I came down with a terrible sinus infection. It got less terrible after a couple weeks but hasn't cleared - I still have thick clear and yellow phlegm in my throat, problems with my voice catching, and the same type of mucus coming from my nose, as well as intermittent dripping of clear watery fluid from my nose. I cough a lot to get the phlegm out of my throat. I don't sneeze or itch, so I don't suspect this is caused by allergies even though I have slight environmental sensitivities.

The wait to see an ENT specialist in Canada is over 12 months so it's not an option right now. I went for a barium swallow x-ray and it came back as finding "no" reflux. Next week I am going to ask for a referral to a GI doctor as this wait list is a bit shorter, but I don't know if they will see me with this negative result. I'm not sure if the results mean it's likely this is an issue originating from my sinuses and not from reflux? It's so frustrating that the symptoms of LPR and of problems that originate in the sinuses are pretty much exactly the same.

I've been elevating my head at night for at least a couple months now, completely removed any junk and alcohol from my diet, and I almost never eat anything less than 3 hours before bed. I tried PPIs for a few weeks - no difference with any of these things. The only thing that has helped with mucus reduction is a nasal spray (corticosteroid), but I don't want to be on that type of drug for a long time. I am 35, female, and on the higher end of the "normal" weight range for my height - I am actively losing weight these days (on purpose). There's a history of heartburn and of mild post-nasal drip (not as bad as mine) in my family. My father clears his throat constantly but refuses to get checked out.

I'm mostly just venting my frustrations here, but any advice or similar experience is appreciated!

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