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Hello. 5 years ago I met a man, who had had problems with mucus from the childhood. I got infected from him and after 3 years my wife got this infected from me and recently my 10 years old child too.
From the begging I thought it us some respiratory infection. And I have high value of IgG of micoplasma pneumonia. But I my wife and son doesn't have IgG for it.

The main symptom is nosal drip, which is essentially at night and after having a meal.

Finally, one doctor said, that it could be reflux and I remembered that when wife and son got it, they had problems with stomach for a week.

Gastroenterologist said that it is silent reflux.
I read about it a lot, and see that it can be caused by bacteria, see for example:
Acinetobacter, for which I have a big value of presence in my analysis is mentioned in it.
I'm wondering if so many people have the same problem (e.g. which is 2006!!!), why the root cause for it is still unknown.
If you know articles about reflux caused by bacteria/viruses/fungi or possibly you know, how I can get rid of it, please help me!

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