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Could this be gerd or gastro related?

I do have anxiety but it is all heart related. I am also on xanax. which they say can cause some gastro problems.

Even my doctors are stumped. My bowel movements are very inconsistant as far as diareha or constipation. Certian foods cause heartburn as well.

I just dont know but I am sick of the chest pain. It's like the worlds longest lasting heart attack. Months have gone by. I've had every test done in the books other than gastro related stuff.

Any ideas?
Sounds like it’s a GERD problem. Sounds like heartburn or ingestion. I have had this problem particularly when I eat foods that are high in fat. It may just be that you need to change your diet. Certain foods react different for everyone. I'll take a Prevacid or anti acid when I get the chest pain and that seems to help it go away. It is most likely a backup of acid in your chest and throat causing you the pain. I would go see a gastro about it, they can probably help you the best. As far as the bowel movements it sounds like you may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Hi 468LC, I also have this pain, left side of chest, radiating down the left arm. I had an EKG and they said it was fine so then diagnosed me with GERD. It can be very frightening because the first thought is a heart attack. (I also have MVP so that is always in the back of my mind. ) But they put me on Aciphex which helped after a few weeks. Once in awhile it will kick up, when I am under a lot of stress. Also have had to give up the daily tea habit which is extremely difficult. As long as your doctor has ruled out heart problems, GERD could be the culprit.
I have the same symptoms and have had for two years now. I just recently ( a few months back) went to see a cardiologist and was diagnosed with PAC's and PVC's. He did however state that the symptoms I am having are not related to my heart. I started thinking it was digestive related when I threw up my lunch the other day and the chest pain subsided for a bit. I just found this board today and it's really a relief that other people have the same kind of symptoms.
i too have had apain in my left shoulder for 4 doc said it was muscle strain,and gave me ibuprofen gel.the pain has now gone round my back and under my left breast it is very feels like i want to burp but i can't goes up the left side of my neck too it feels like i have broken my clavicle as the pain is that bad sometimes.i am going to my docs again tomorrow,keep you informed.
HI there, new at this as well. Im a mom of 4 and stay at home, I am overweight, have been diagnosed with FMS, and TACYCARDIA. My husband is out of town frequently, and for about 3 weeks now, I have been nauseated before I eat , when I eat and sometimes after I eat. I am concerned, because for months now, I have had sharp stabbing pains in my shoulders? Then radiates toward the shouder blade area~ Not only that I have had dull stabbing pains off and on under my left breast, feels like it is under my left rib cage? I went to see Womens DR, and was sent to get a mamogram, all clear~ Tonight though, sad, and despressed with husband gone and 4 kids home, fussing, fighting, etc.. ( just being kids) I was sitting on the couch eating dinner, I started feeling sick, and after I ate I suddenly got a sharp pain in my left side of my chest??!!! Now, Im scared, I got that sick, scared feeling like am I dying? It felt so scarey. I am feeling very stressed, and am so scared. I am scared because , of being over weight. I had a friend who had a heart attack at age 30, and Im going to be thirty in a few more days~ Can anyone relate to any of this? I just dont know who to go and see about this at all? Everytime I have problems, I get thrown over and told oh, its your fibromyalgia~ HELP, Im a desperate mom of 4 who doesnt want to die!!
Hi Manda,
I just saw your post or I would have replied sooner. I know what it is to be a stay at home Mom...I too have four kids and they are just now getting to the place of being more independent. Even now sometimes if I leave the older ones in charge of the younger ones I fear for their lives if I have to leave for a few hours. I remember those days of being at home while husband is gone...sometimes you feel like a caged animal and want to tear out your hair when they start bickering and the last thing you need is a health problem nagging at you. Have you been checked for GERD? The stabbing pain especially associated with eating might be a digestive problem. I have had this too at times but I think the worst part of it all is the anxiety of not knowing what is wrong. If your DR. rules out heart problems it could be GERD and another thought is have them check gall bladder. Hope you are feeling better and try to keep your chin up and not worry...
Elisabeth :wave:
[QUOTE=GirlinWayside]I have the same symptoms and have had for two years now. I just recently ( a few months back) went to see a cardiologist and was diagnosed with PAC's and PVC's. He did however state that the symptoms I am having are not related to my heart. I started thinking it was digestive related when I threw up my lunch the other day and the chest pain subsided for a bit. I just found this board today and it's really a relief that other people have the same kind of symptoms.[/QUOTE]
GERD (reflux, hiatal herna), PVC's, PAC's plus a little Mitro-valve for good measure - I have all. My body mass index is a healthy 23 - go figure. I also get a sudden, sharp & persistent pain in the center of my chest (lasts all day, but it comes and goes until it fades) . 9 times out of ten, I can trace this to a high-fat food eaten recently (bacon, a fatty steak,etc.). The chest pain is absolutely excruciating (almost to tears) & totally debilitating for at least an hour. Happened again this week; pain was so bad I stopped in visit my doc. He thought a muscle was possibly having a spasm near an inflamed area. Of course, all heart-related tests were fine (EKG, etc.) It still amazes me that the pain can sustain itself at this high level for so long, and yet this isn't a serious condition; when it starts so suddenly, it is certainly alarming. I also expereince interplay between my esophigal irritation and my vagal nerve (regulates the heart beat, as I understand it); so in effect, GERD seems to make my heart jump, stop, beat fast, slow down, etc. Occasionally, everything gets irritated in sync, which really makes for a fun day. When you have these symptoms, as I do, you learn to accept a lot of chest pain appearing in different manners all over the place. It took me a long time to get comfortable with the wide variety of chest pains I get, but over time, I've learned to live with it, and understand it a bit more. My pains almost always "seem" like they could be a heart attack, but I can almost always rule that out by noting aspects that are inconsistent with a heart attack (i.e., if you can breath freely, or if the pain moves around, or if you can eventually free up trapped air, no pain in the arms/shoulders, pain responds to medicine, etc.). Still, it is a constant battle - as my pain shows itself differently each time. Most people I talk to don't experience these symptoms - if and when they do, it seems that symptoms manifest themselves at a much lower level. Many have had "heartburn", etc., but far fewer have had experience with the overwhelming persisten pain associated with GERD, et al. I wonder what makes everyone here so special? Stress and weight are triggers for me - and I only need a little stress and a little increase in weight (10 lbs) to bring on the fun! :jester:
Glad I found this board. I went to the ER this morning with chest pain, sure that I was having a heart attack. Spent about 7 hours there before they cut me loose after the various tests indicated I wasn't having a cardiac incident. I just happened to ask the ER doc what else it could have been and he mentioned acid reflux.

Since then, I've been searching the web looking for more information. I'm relieved to see that I'm not the only one who has gone through this. I still haven't received a formal diagnosis but based on what I've read so far online, it seems more likely that my chest pains were caused by GERD than by an actual heart problem.

I don't know if weight plays a part in all this, but I picked up about 30 or 40 pounds over the last 15 months. I turn 51 in July which means I'm no spring chicken either.

Anyway, just wanted to pop my head in the door to say "hi" and thanks for putting a perspective on my experience.
Well, I found out not soon enough....... Im not having a heart attack, but i do have EXTREME reflux, DUE to my Fibromyalgia causing spasms in my espophagus~ I was told I will be put on Nexium or previcid after they get the
biopsy back from when they did the scope~
Hope this helps ~
Thanks for all responses
Manda~ :bouncing:
Well I forgot about this thread. I am glad I popped in here today. I have not seen a doc in quite some time and have just been dealing with these stupid irritating chest pains. I will be going to the doctor on the 10th of feb and see if I can get them to persue this GERD thing. Mandiee I also get what feels like spasms on occasion. Feels very weird to have that in the middle of your body.
i have/had bad gerd heartburn etc.... i have a pain under the left breat area too.. thought it was heart related, but i checked out ok... i think it has to be gerd related. if i just calm down, take a deep breath & relax and put a little pressure on the area with my right hand i feel a lot better & it goes away... still don't like getting that feeling.. hope you find whats wrong and feel better.. best wishes everybody!
1 more to add to the pile. I'm 31 and the 6 chronic months of dull, annoying chest pain started with a stabbing pain on the left side. Did the ER thing, and plenty of tests since then (heart stress and ultrasound, EKGs, chest MRI, lung tests, multiple blood tests, etc). GI is about all they HAVEN'T sent me for! That's next though. Unfortunately, my family doctor tried Nexium this last visit, suspecting maybe a stomach ulcer, and my pain and breathlessness worsened for 20 hours! We'll see. I have watched my diet closely and lost 25 lbs, but I've still got the same core problems! I have my good and bad days.

In the mean time, to all of you, I've gotten some relief the following ways:

1. occasional fasting with just 100% fruit juices and V8 or veggie juice, at least til dinner. Don't do this more than once a week!
2. go to GNC or equivalent and get some L-Glutamine. Take 1 pill (I take 750mg) before each meal. It does help with your intesinal processing of the food! I get far less gas from any end this way.
3. take a good multivitamin with breakfast and lunch.
4. eat less wheat and sweets, less or no fried, and more greens and chicken/other meats. That has also helped me somewhat - sugar avoidance (and I'm a real sweet-tooth, so it's hard)
5. cut coffee, pop, tea (except green)
6. get enough sleep - mine gets better ONLY after 8 hours!

Hopefully this helps someone out there.
Hi all, I'm new to this board and newly-daignosed with GERD. However I had the stabing chest pain covering the area from my left nipple up to the shoulder and back down. The pain was so bad that I'd sit perfectly still and cry for hours (and I'm not one to give into physical pain) I was checked for heart problems and muscle issues, everything checked out perfectly.

At a loss I went to a chiropractor. There I was told I had a textbook case of a problem which caused pain to radiate -I was fixed within 5-6 sessions. Stress/anxiety were part of the cause of the problem. Once one has ruled out heart issues, I'd strongly urge you to get to a chiropractor. It was like a miracle for me. Good luck!
:bouncing: Hi all well I FINALLY found out what was wrong with me!! It WAS COSTOCHONDRITUS (sp)? I went to a SPECIALIST in Lubbock TX after "thinking" that I had seen a specialist before, I was wrong! I went to this DR who specializes in FMS, LUPUS, MS you name it~ He knew after the physical exam that it was costo, and put me on Relafen , which has virtually taken away all my pain!! I was so pleased ! As well, I found that my THYROID is low, and he says that this is often found with patients that have FIBRO! I am so so so so so so thankful for this man, he is AWESOME! As far as chiropractors, I have been going since I was 17 years old and swear by them, only thing is they couldnt help me with this pain which was radiating through my chest and my back, and my ribs. I knew then something was up.
But sure try a chiro, 1st then if it isnt fixed , weigh all your options. I am so thankful , I feel better than I have in an extremly LONG time!
:angel: REJOICING :bouncing:
Thank you LORD!
This appears to be quite an old thread, but I too would like to add one to the pile.

I'm only 20, and I started having left side and shoulder pains rather suddenly in class three days ago. I'm not overweight, and I'm generally healthy, except for some GI problems, including GERD and IBS.

I barely managed to walk to student health, where I saw a doctor who told me what this board has helped me confirm, I had a previous diagnosis of GERD, so it was most likely the culprit.

She's suggested a 14 day course of Prilosec. I'm 3 days in, and I'm still having trouble eating ANYTHING. The first two days, I was literally on the floor in pain, today I managed to stay upright while I was eating my only food of the day at work. Hopefully this is actually a trend for improvment and not just a fluke.

I was surprised to learn the bit of physiological trivia that if your diaphram is irratated by stomach acid, it can cause pain in the left shoulder.
I went to the doc this morning with chest pain that won't go away.

He didn't run all the tests (though I've had an EKG recently that was fine) but he said he thinks my heart is just fine. They checked my blood glucose and it was at 109 which is normal since I had eaten two hours before that.

He moved me to two 40mg doses of Nexium per day and set me up with an appointment with a gastrointerologist. He also suggested taking Ibuprofen some times because he said that some of my chest pain is from GERD but that I also have strained muscles from a bad golf swing that is contributing to my pain and anxiety.
Add me to the list also. I am 35, F and have been having issues with techycardia since I was 20. Started having chest pains and chest tightness about a month ago. After all kinds of heart tests, EKG, ECG and nuclear stress test, I have high blood pressure but nothing else. Today after speaking with a therapist, I asked my General Practitioner for some Xanax. I described to him my pain in my chest and all the results from my cardiologists findings. He gave me the xanax for anxiety and nexium for what he may think is GERD. I have been on both for a couple of days, and so far so good.
I can't wait to see if it helps to eliminate my Techycardia episodes also. The stress and anxiety could be from my diagnosis of Techycardia when I was 20 and my father passing away the following summer. I think that things can only get better. GP thinks that if I can get my grips on stress and loose 30 lbs that I could be pill free!!!!
Its also comforting to know that I am not alone out there!

Thanks guys!:wave:
I have similar pains,Ive been healthy all my life and have started to get crushing oains in my chest which transfer to my left shoulder blade.I went to the ER and did the EKG and echo cardiogram and they found nothing.They gave me protonix and some pills for anxiety which after a month havn`t helped at all.I had a bad chest pain again today and took a nitroglycerin pill which didn`t really ease the pain.Any suggestions>?
Go see a CHIROPRACTOR...what most of you are experiencing is a very slight dislocation of 2 or 3 Ribs on the right or left side of your spinal column...I got the pain under my right pectoral muscle...went to see a Chiropractor and he instantly diagnosed that indeed I was a side sleeper and that I had slept on my side one night with my elbow tucked under my ribs...3 quick sessions with Dr. Wilkie in Calgary (he has worked on Jack Nicklaus and most of the Women's Olympic Skeleton Bob Sled Team)...and the pain went away...what was explained to me was...there are nerves that begin at the spinal column and extend outwards along the ribs to the front of the body...if the rib is disjointed...even slightly...moderate to severe pain can be felt in the “front” of the rib cage...

If you decide to go see a sure they are trained in IRT (Injury Recovery Therapy)...It is a muscle memory resetting technique to help your injured muscles recover to a normal state around the affected area....muscles tend to remember your injuries and will tend to pull your bones back into their "previously injured" position again...

Hope this helps...been a month since my last appointment with the Chiropractor and I have been pain free and my breathing improved dramatically as a side effect...;b)
468 -- I could have written your message. I have written many on this board. I started out with what I think were chest pains also. Went to cardiologist. She put me on Atenolol (for Palps). I think it made the chest pain worse, but I continued to take the medication. She ran all tests, to include nuclear stress test, echogram, heart monitor, etc. (no heart cath). I to this day still have what I call "heart pain" on the left. It never stops. I went to gastro doctor. Had endoscope. He said I had H Pylori stomach infection. Treated with antibiotics. Still have the heart pain. Then I asked for HIDA scan on gallbladder. As it turns out gallbladder was not functioning. Had it removed about 5 days ago. I still have this "heart pain". I really hoped removing the gallbladder and maybe bile or something was causing it. Not! This morning I'm nauseated. I'm not having a good day. I'm so tired of this heart pain. I've had it for 7 months. It never seems to go away. My life has come to a standstill trying to get this controlled or stopped. I have even thought of a "heart cath" as I don't know what else to do. I'm going to call the gastro doctor and ask him about putting me back on antibiotics. Maybe the H Pylori infection hasn't cleared. I do not know if it is gastro related, bile related, or what. If you ever find something that helps yours, please let me know. A friend of mine said Zantac seemed to help her. I've tried all but Zantac. Guess I'll try it to.
hi hope you don't mine me contact you?
i was googling some symptoms i've had for over a month now and your response on here was EXACTLY! the same as me,
I went to the do with pain under my left shoulder blade got some ibuprofen Gel [which smells viles by the way] lol. which did'nt work it doesnt feel muscular. she said my chest was clear but gave me antibiotics to see.
this made no difference in the past 2 weeks its moved round to the front under my left breast it can get very painful and i get a full feeling like i need to burp to relieve it sometimes i get a really shapr pain and have to take a deep breathe an it goes.
still getting the back pain, i dont think it is my heart neither does the doc [im only 22!]
but i was wondering what you're doctor said i have no idea what it could be!?
i get it really bad when im drinking or eating but on resting aswell?
i thought it might be indigestion when i first got the pains but its never relived by tablets etc.
its driving me nuts its always there!
i thought aswell gallblader? but thats on the right ive read?
if you could get back to me id really appreciate it! im an anxious person at the best of times this is awful
thanks =]]]

ps.. i have IBS

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