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Hi 468LC, I also have this pain, left side of chest, radiating down the left arm. I had an EKG and they said it was fine so then diagnosed me with GERD. It can be very frightening because the first thought is a heart attack. (I also have MVP so that is always in the back of my mind. ) But they put me on Aciphex which helped after a few weeks. Once in awhile it will kick up, when I am under a lot of stress. Also have had to give up the daily tea habit which is extremely difficult. As long as your doctor has ruled out heart problems, GERD could be the culprit.
HI there, new at this as well. Im a mom of 4 and stay at home, I am overweight, have been diagnosed with FMS, and TACYCARDIA. My husband is out of town frequently, and for about 3 weeks now, I have been nauseated before I eat , when I eat and sometimes after I eat. I am concerned, because for months now, I have had sharp stabbing pains in my shoulders? Then radiates toward the shouder blade area~ Not only that I have had dull stabbing pains off and on under my left breast, feels like it is under my left rib cage? I went to see Womens DR, and was sent to get a mamogram, all clear~ Tonight though, sad, and despressed with husband gone and 4 kids home, fussing, fighting, etc.. ( just being kids) I was sitting on the couch eating dinner, I started feeling sick, and after I ate I suddenly got a sharp pain in my left side of my chest??!!! Now, Im scared, I got that sick, scared feeling like am I dying? It felt so scarey. I am feeling very stressed, and am so scared. I am scared because , of being over weight. I had a friend who had a heart attack at age 30, and Im going to be thirty in a few more days~ Can anyone relate to any of this? I just dont know who to go and see about this at all? Everytime I have problems, I get thrown over and told oh, its your fibromyalgia~ HELP, Im a desperate mom of 4 who doesnt want to die!!
Go see a CHIROPRACTOR...what most of you are experiencing is a very slight dislocation of 2 or 3 Ribs on the right or left side of your spinal column...I got the pain under my right pectoral muscle...went to see a Chiropractor and he instantly diagnosed that indeed I was a side sleeper and that I had slept on my side one night with my elbow tucked under my ribs...3 quick sessions with Dr. Wilkie in Calgary (he has worked on Jack Nicklaus and most of the Women's Olympic Skeleton Bob Sled Team)...and the pain went away...what was explained to me was...there are nerves that begin at the spinal column and extend outwards along the ribs to the front of the body...if the rib is disjointed...even slightly...moderate to severe pain can be felt in the “front” of the rib cage...

If you decide to go see a sure they are trained in IRT (Injury Recovery Therapy)...It is a muscle memory resetting technique to help your injured muscles recover to a normal state around the affected area....muscles tend to remember your injuries and will tend to pull your bones back into their "previously injured" position again...

Hope this helps...been a month since my last appointment with the Chiropractor and I have been pain free and my breathing improved dramatically as a side effect...;b)
hi hope you don't mine me contact you?
i was googling some symptoms i've had for over a month now and your response on here was EXACTLY! the same as me,
I went to the do with pain under my left shoulder blade got some ibuprofen Gel [which smells viles by the way] lol. which did'nt work it doesnt feel muscular. she said my chest was clear but gave me antibiotics to see.
this made no difference in the past 2 weeks its moved round to the front under my left breast it can get very painful and i get a full feeling like i need to burp to relieve it sometimes i get a really shapr pain and have to take a deep breathe an it goes.
still getting the back pain, i dont think it is my heart neither does the doc [im only 22!]
but i was wondering what you're doctor said i have no idea what it could be!?
i get it really bad when im drinking or eating but on resting aswell?
i thought it might be indigestion when i first got the pains but its never relived by tablets etc.
its driving me nuts its always there!
i thought aswell gallblader? but thats on the right ive read?
if you could get back to me id really appreciate it! im an anxious person at the best of times this is awful
thanks =]]]

ps.. i have IBS

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