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I've been on Prilosec's gen. off spring, Omeprazole for almost 2 years now. It works great for me, better then Nexium did anyway. I really did not like the way Nexium made me feel but, it did seem to help just the same. In the past I've been known to not take it on the weekends and let me tell you, by Monday morning I'm right back to square one and swear that I'll never miss a dose again.

The only side effect I've had with it is a missed heart beat, well, really my heart beats and then beats again before it's time to so I guess it's a fast beat but anyway, it only does it twice a minute or so and I have had no ill effects from it. The info that came with my prescript for it said that maybe a side effect and that is the only one I have from it.

Now, on the other hand, my brother-in-law cannot take Prilosec because he is allergic to it.

On yet another hand, my dad takes prevacid (spelling?) and that works great for him. As other posts have said, it all depends on the person and what works best for that person and getting free samples is the best thing to do before getting a prescript for something that may not work or may made matters worse.


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