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Best Med?
Dec 25, 2004
Ok, I have a chronic cough, asthma, and suffer with severe panic and anxiety attacks. My doc is pretty sure its all linked together that the Anxiety started and after a few yrs acid reflux and that causes my asthma. Anyway, I have tried quite a few acid reflux meds but nothing seems to work too great. I am on Protonix now but I still seem to be getting the reflux and also I notice a lot of air bubbles kinda small little burps it seems to be way worse if I am nervous though. I have taken Aciphex(sp) and Nexium but the Nexium a few days after I started it I had some REALLY bad chest pain and was told that it might be the Nexium causing it so I stopped it. I dont remember what happened with the Aciphex as I have taken soooooo many meds. I am thinking I need to try something new now my chronic cough which they dont seem to know really what it is just say its from asthma/gerd its driving me insane, nothing helps it at all. Cough syrup doesnt even help. What meds do ya'll recommend? Even if its one I have taken just let me know what you think works best...

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