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I have GERD but also other symptoms:
For about 4 months a noticed I would get more and more bloated after smaller and smaller meals. Feeling bloating, pressure and fullness right under my ribcage.
Then it got worse and I started to feel actual GERD symptoms, like burning, prickling, fullness in my throat after a meal, worse when lying down. Just like the Nexium commercial, like you have swallowed metal thumbtacks.
Then, it got so I could barely eat anything without more bloating and burning. "Bloat, Burn and Fart" I would call it. It would take about 4 hours to feel normal again.
Then the bloating got so bad that it triggered off a Vasovagal attack: viscious, terrifying spasms that felt like my heart was doing flip flops in my chest, skipping beats, or feeling like a water balloon shaking flopping in my chest. It would go on for hours, often waking me up. I would lay on the floor and shake and spasm, convinced I would die any moment.
I went to the ER: Reflux with esophogeal spasm. Heart checked out fine. Went on Prilosec. No more attacks, BUT....
I still can't eat: I have been living on Ensure and crackers of two weeks now, and have lost 7 pounds. If I even eat 4 spoonfulls of vegeatable soup or the like, I get hard my intestines have stopped working. Like they are paralysed. I have to take enemas, massage my abdomen, etc, to try to clear out my gut.
Don't most people on Prilosec or the like just keep on eating a normal amount?
Any ideas out there???? Thanks!!
[QUOTE=kscarolyn]This is my first reply on here...but I am just amazed at what I am reading. I have known for years now that I have GERD and hiatal hernia. I also have had episodes of ulcerative colitis and IBS. But I never (nor apparantly did the doctors) really associated all the PVC's and heart arrhythmias with the reflux problem until now. I do have lots of reflux lately, and lots of PVC's again. (I have mitral valve prolaspe, but nothing else structurally wrong with heart) I have problems with many medications so I treat it only with diet and Tums, etc. I read somewhere that apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for these symptoms. Has anyone tried that?? I do remember that as a child my grandmother gave us vinegar and a touch of baking soda to drink for upset stomach. I thought she was rather old fashioned...but maybe she was just smart after all. I am also diabetic on diet and exercise...but that is another story. Thanks for any input...and have a great day![/QUOTE]

I just wanted to add regarding the apple cidar vinegar to be very careful and be sure to dilute it first with water and maybe some honey. I have been taking it and drinking it straight!! a big no no. My throat has been on fire for about a week and I attribute it to the vinegar. I'm going to the doctor later today to get some feedback about my new and ongoing symptoms.
I also have problems with medication and had terrible side effects with PPIs so am trying to let my body heal with natural things.
I also have heart things: rapid rate after eating, especially icecream:rolleyes: !!
at night irregular beats will wake me. This whole thing just keeps you on the verge of insanity.:mad:
I try to just live each day and pray for more good days than bad and am thankful for these boards to vent and get and give info.
best to everyone:wave:
Wow, I am certainly amazed by what I am reading from all of you!
I sincerely feel for each and ever one of you too. This is living hell!!!

I'm a 36 yr old woman. Healthy and functional with the exception of what I thought was common allergies and (adult on-set) asthma - both of which I was taking medication for, Zyrtec for allergies and Singular for Asthma.

Early in 2006, I started a new job where there are 1000's of people working there. Shortly thereafter, I started to feel ill and visited my doctor who diagnosed me with Mononucleosis (This is the second time with Mono!?!). My spleen was swollen and I felt horrid. Could barely eat and I developed acid reflux. I was told to take Maalox or Zantac - which I have been doing for the past several months on/off.

I visited a nutritionist who advised I watch my diet and pay attention to which foods irritate me and give me acid reflux. I did this and found that I just couldn't eat at night anymore. So when I got home from work - it was strictly water and some string cheese or jello with whip cream / a very light snack for dinner. I found this avoiding meals helped but it would not help all the time. I tried to maintain my water intake at 6-8 glasses of water a day (2 liters).

About 2+ weeks ago, the acid reflux started to get very intense at night and the maalox and zantac stopped working. I started getting shakes in my legs and chills that were accompanied by sharp stabbing and burning pain in my left side under my bottom rib. The pain was nagging and constant and would not go away - all day! The second evening this happened, I called my primary care physician who had me take Omeprazole 20mg (generic prilosec) twice a day. The Omeprazole helped during the day, but the third evening the pain I felt was so horrid and intense! I visited the ER where they checked my heart and told me it was gastritis, dumped some maalox down my throat and sent me home. Advised me to follow up with my doctor.

I've been tested for H. Pylori and that came back negative. This past week the pain moved to the right side accompanied by some belly swelling (I know where my stomach skin sits - the skin isn't sitting right - can feel it). More blood work was drawn. My blood work came back and my Pancreas Enzyme Amylase was slightly elevated (they thought I had gall stones or a problem with my gall bladder - especially since I do not consume alcohol) - so I was sent for a Cat Scan of my Pancreas, which was negative. An ultrasound of all my major organs was taken too and that all came back negative. In the meanwhile, I have been mindful to increase my fiber intake by eating a bran muffin and whole wheat products. Since I get full very easily - every bite counts towards not getting constipated or further imbalances from lack of nutrition!

A few days ago, I spoke to a pharmacist for some drug suggestions (I am desperate!) - she suggested I get a script for Sucralfate (generic Carafate) 1 gram 4 times a day. I called my doctor and got the script. It's like a liquid bandage for ulcers and prevents the stomach acid from attacking the lining. We're still guessing what is wrong with me! I took the Sucralfate and it made me feel so much better. After 2 weeks of being in pain - the pain went from on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the worst) went from 4 down to 2.

I'm on my second day of taking Sucralfate, Omeprazole and Maalox and my stomach has seriously shrunk. I take 3 fork fulls of food and I'm done. I've lost several pounds in the past 2+ weeks. This evening after I tried to eat a little bit more (I know I need nutrition), got nauseated and just tried to relax and hope my body would absorb what little I did eat. Shortly thereafter the shakes started up again and the pain is gnawing at my right side again, along with acid reflux.

I am taking my medications as prescribed on an empty stomach. Waiting an hour to eat after taking Sucralfate. Separating the Sucralfate and Omeprazole by no less than 2 hours and not taking Maalox within 2 hours before or after taking the Sucralfate.

I have another 3 days to go before I can see a gastro specialist (it feels like forever). I have been waiting 2+ weeks for an appointment, despite my pleas with the office of how seriously sick I am. I have been in the ER 2 times in the past 2+ weeks for the pain. My doctor did offer to give me Darvocet - but I declined because of the condition of my stomach and how hard Darvocet is on the stomach.

Now, why I mentioned the allergies and asthma earlier... with this experience I have been reading research papers about Prilosec and proton pump inhibitors and conditions that could be causing this hell. There have been findings that patients with (adult onset) Asthma that have been found to have GERD too!

Researchers already relate the allergies and sinus issues to asthma. Oddly, when I started the Omeprazole - I stopped taking my Zyrtec and Singular because of a sensation of dry sinus and lack of post nasal drip from my allergies. I have not taken my allergy or asthma medications in 2+ weeks now and I am fine. I will be amazed when they get to the bottom of this issue. If I can be medication free of the allergy and asthma medications - I will be overjoyed! It's amazing how many problems this GERD can cause!!

Thanks for letting me rant and your attention while reading my story!

I wish you all wellness and fast recovery!!


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