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Do you ever have a problem with coughing?There is a condition called silent gerd.But i dont know enough about it to really discuss it at length.The only thing i do know about it is that its symptoms are not the classic gerd symptoms ppl have.Im concerned that even tho you say after awhile it seemed to get better it could have just gotton less symptomatic.Once you have true gerd it doesnt go away.You can do certain things to lessen the severity of the symptoms but you cant stop the disease short of surgery.The reason i say that it wont go away is because is has to do with the malfunction so to speak, of the les muscle not closing properly to cut off the flow of the stomach contents up into the throat.Theres no way to control that short of a surgery called nissan fundoplication,think i spelled it right.Theres a virus called h.pylori that can also cause the symptoms your experiencing.You might be better off going back to your doctor to talk to him.I really dont see how pepcid ac otc will help if the axid otc has stopped working ,there basically the same thing.Please be careful you dont want this problem to get any worse.You could always try the pepcid ac but i dout if it will do any better.Most of the otc drugs are for ppl with mild cases of gerd or just occasional acid indigestion.Take care.

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