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Hey all. 26 y/o male diagnosed with mild acid reflux a little more than year ago. I used to get heartburn almost every day, and I started taking Nexium. which much cured me. For a year I had no problems at all, until one night I went out drinking with my friends. I didn't even drink all that much, but I was violently ill the next day, vomiting five or six times.

About a week after that, I started getting sharp pains in my chest in the area of my heart, along with palpitations, elevated heart rate, twitching muscles all over my body, headaches and lightheadedness, etc. Naturally, I was worried about my heart, so I went to the ER. EKG was normal, so they sent me home. But the pains continued, and I ended up back in the ER time and time again. After six EKGs, three series of blood work, two chest X-rays, and a 24-hour Holter monitor, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I've also just recently had an echocardiogram and I haven't gotten the results yet, but it's been more than a week since the test and I'm assuming they would have gotten back to me by now if there was a problem with it.

So, I've been getting treatment for anxiety and depression, which, I admit, has been a problem for me. But it's been about five weeks now, and while both my doctor and I have seen improvements in my mental health, my physical health seems to be getting worse. I continue having all the symptoms listed above, but especially the chest pain and muscles twitching all over my body. The chest pain has become severe and frightening (which, of course, adds to my anxiety). I also have dark circles under my eyes that make me look like I haven't slept in weeks, though I usually make sure I get 9-10 hours of sleep a night. So, after this rather convoluted story, my question: Is it possible what I'm feeling is because of GERD? I'm still scared as hell that it's something with my heart, but that seems to have been ruled out by all the testing. So, after all that vomiting I did, could I have screwed up my esophageal sphincter enough to cause symptoms similar to those of a heart attack?

I would appreciate any guidance you could give me on this. I'm just about at my wit's end here. Thanks for taking the time out to read through this long, rambling post.

All the best,

Hi Ryan.
Violent vomiting can cause a lot of problems. I had GERD symptoms that were pretty severe about a month ago and I was convinced it was my heart because it radiated down my left arm, into my back and up into collarbone area. But my EKG was normal. Dr. put me on aciphex for a few weeks and pain is gone (before it was constant.) You may just have caused some erosions which are giving you the pain. But the worst part I know is the worrying. But once the pain subsides, the worry tends to go with it. Has your Dr. prescribed Nexium for you again? I had a bout with GERD a year or so ago and a course of Aciphex took care of it. Never had much problem since til just recently (vomiting and then constant pain.) Ask your Doc. about a new Nexium prescription. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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