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Ok Im going to join back in here. From reading all this Im pretty convinced that LPR is my problem. Yes, the ENT used the nasal scope and saw some redness of the larynx. But since my main complaint was a feeling of something in my throat all the time (not mucous) which he did not see as a symptom, I didnt pursue the diagnosis much. THAT feelinghis gone now which was the one I found unbearable. I am left with what sounds very much like you two. Burning in the back of my throat in the morning ,which goes away as soon as i am up a bit, and the muscous all the time. I had NO IDEA this could be a reflux problem! I dont have any nasal congestion I think this is all pointing to at least I have a diagnosis. I am goingto restart the Nexium or Prevacid....Oh and I never had any heartburn before but I have had recently so maybe the Nexium connection was mere coincidence.

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