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Just to let you know....I know exactly how you feel and I am allergic to practically all meds and those I am not allergic to I get awful side effects from. I DEFINATELY HAVE GASTRITIS AND GERD THAT HITS MY THROAT AND DOES NOT SEEM TO BURN THE ESOPHAGUS LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE (LPR). However, at this point I do not know how much of the symptoms have to do with the following.

I have a cough, mucous, constant deep raw throat between collarbone that also feels "tight" so sometimes I feel like it is hard to breathe. All had been attributed to reflux and post nasal drip. WELL, I found out accidently via blood tests (my PCP called me pshycosamatic until the blood test results) that my thyroid hormones were so high I could have a heart attack. I was put in the hospital and then had to take a radioactive iodine pill.

Apparently, a lot of the thyroid symptoms mimic LPR symptoms. I am still in the hyperactive thyroid stage although the numbers have gone down a bit. It takes months to resolve. Have you lost any weight? Do you notice your pulse is a bit faster than usual or that you have palpitations or more tired or your concentration seems off a bit besides the other symptoms? I am wondering if some of my LPR symptoms will disappear when the thyroid levels are normal. Perhaps just for the heck of it you could request a thyroid blood panel - TSH, T4, T3. Let me know how you make out.

Thanks and good luck.


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