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i have never heard of LPR.. but that sounds like what i might have.

my whole life i have had a problem with my ears and throat. i always feel the urge to spit, and in the morning i always have so much mucus. there is a constant clicking in my ear and i can feel pressure on the tube connecting my ear and throat. anytime i have had this checked out they just look in my ear and say nothing looks wrong.

recently i was diagnosed with depression, and that's when these acid reflux symptoms started (the doctors say its just phyiscal symtoms of depression). i was on prevacid for a while, and it didnt help. now i am taking protonix. it only seems to be getting worse though. this is gross- but when i burp i can feel it come all the way up from my stomach.. like i can feel the path it takes up to my throat. i also havent really been getting heartburn.

do i have to go to a ENT to get this checked out or can a regular doctor diagnose it? i go to an ENT for allergy immunitherapy frequently as is.. and im worried the insurance will think something is fishy

thanks for any input.
Note to Capp,

A hiatus hernia is often present in LPR sufferers (like myself) but it sounds like yours could weel be a factor. You will need to get it confirned either by endoscopy or Barium X ray. I would do this sooner rather than later as any surgical correction if deemed necessary might offer you relieve from the LPR without the need for lengthy PPI's. Any relief will of course be dependant on the extent to which it is a factor in the poor functioning of the LES but they are likely to correct that at the same time.

Note to Molly

It sounds like you may have LPR. Certainly the mucous is a definite symptom but for most of us this would be a nuisance at various times and not just upon waking (source probable LPR induced PND). The most other common symptom is globus which you do not mention. An ENT would see inflammation or tissue damage to pharynx and larynx as indicator of LPR. Heartburn is often absent as the reflux has a +5ph and does not stay in the esophaegus for long in any event. The PPI's protonix or nexium only correct the amount of acid produced on the stomach they do not prevent the action of reflux itself. If the LES is weak and a hiatus hernia is a negative factor it is unlikely that the meds will make any difference. With regard to your ear clicking I wonder if this could be TMJ related as this seems to be another reflux symptom I have acquired.

Note to Ragnorrox

Could be LPR. Symptoms in LPR unlike GERD mostly occur when we are upright. I have noticed that I get it more after eating or drinking alcohol. A dry and burning mouth is the worst symptom as along with the PND it gives me bad breath. Have u experienced anything like that ? You do not mention any mucous or globus sensation which suggests to me that if it is LPR you may have regonised it fairly early on.

Best wishes
Hi Molly,

Not sure which specialist to see about TMJ as I have only worked out that I have it myself. My partner goes crazy when I eat with my left jaw clicking although I can feel it in my left ear. Never had this before the reflux as she would have killed me by now. Look up the threads here for more info and better advice. I am too busy dealing with other negative symptoms to add this one as well.

Good luck

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