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GERD is not cured, but it can be kept under control. I took protonix for 4 weeks and it did nothing, so dr put me on nexium(free samples)for 2 months, I started feeling worse so I took myself off the nexium and it got better. So now I'm back on protonix again since I was having side effects from the nexium. I don't know what to tell ya, I've been wheeling and dealing with the drugs since Sept and I have mild Barrett's Esophagus and that is nothing to play with. I will say it has calmed down alot. I see my dr again in March and I'm going to ask for something else if this protonix hasn't kicked in by then. It sounds like you have nightime reflux to, I'd wake up congested and was coughing and clearing my throat all the time, but that all went away after a month but the burn still stays and that is what I want put out!!! In 1992 I was diagnosed with asthma, tho I have never used an inhaler and my symptoms of asthma were coughing, congestion, constant clearing of my throat and slight breathing problem, well this year that diagnosis was reversed, it's been acid reflux all along and it never got treated til Sept 2004. Now I have barrett's so it puts me in a whole new category of paranoia. If I had known sooner like 14 yrs ago I may have been able to prevent it from getting this far but that didn't happen. So please be diligent with treatment, give protonix about amonth, if it doesn't work tell the dr you want something else til you find what works for you. Oh, and the side effects of these ppi are the same symptoms you are taking them for, heartburn, nausea, sour stomach, joint pain, coughing, congestion and on and on. Nexium was making mine worse, any of those drugs can do that so be alert.

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