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Hi Donsabi
Im so pleased the slippery elm helped you! I think its great and I wouldn't be without it!
I got the aloe vera juice online. I tried whole leaf juice and it caused me stomach aches, it has a strong laxative effect, inner leaf gel or juice made from pure inner leaf doesn't have that effect. Im not sure if I can post company names on here, if you are still having trouble let me know and I will get the name to you.

Zantac makes me dizzy since having vestibular neuronitis (balance/dizzyness virus) so I don't take it, but I have read of others taking zantac at the same time as ppis and its fine and hopefully will make a difference. I think you have to wait for 2 hours after taking the ppi before taking the zantac otherwise the zantac will basically dissolve the ppi. i think a lot of people take a ppi in the morning and then the zantac at night. Its worth a shot.
So are you going to have an endoscopy and when? It would be good to know what damage there is and if theres a reason for the GERD eg hernia?

Sorry this message is so long, but why don't you have a look at LPR, I think there are threads on it, because for LPR the normal dose of ppi doesn't work so they double up the dose. Maybe your symptoms fit that, although LPR doesn't tend to cause heartburn. I guess the endoscopy would diagnose that maybe? I don't know?

hope that is useful, and hope you start to improve soon
Best wishes


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