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Hi everyone -
I am new to this forum and want to tell everyone with GERD that I am sorry - it's awful. For me the worst part is feeling like I constantly have a burp stuck in my throat and then when it comes up another one comes right behind it.
When it finally does come up it's acid.
Here's my question. Does anyone ever get what they think is a skipped beat but it's actually the GERD. I think that it may be worse for me becasue I have what my docotor describes as a "dynamic pulse" and you can actually see the pulse in my throat so I feel everthing in that area and assume that it's my heart.
Anyone else?
Nice to meet you. I have heart palps with my GERD too. I have just been recently diagnosied but before that my DR wanted to tell me I was having panic attacks. I am still going thru testing but this sucks.

I too get the heart palps. sometimes so intense that I get breifly lightheaded.
I have anxiety really bad..... and sometimes I get what I call the (shakes or weak trembles) I am yet to be told by my doc. that it was gerd related and he hasnt really told me anything. I went in today for yet another upper GI and small bowel study. we will see how this one turns out. because I can eat and im choking and burping up the undigested food the next day even. most days I can only handle one small meal and this is hard when my GERD or IBS is acting up who knows which one is causing what?
at times I wake up in the morning trembling with my heart racing... I hate this stuff and I want my life back.. from one thing to another. I suffered endometriosis for 16 years then after total hysterectomy ... I have been diag. with IBS, GRADE 2 GERD, HIATAL HERNIA,ESAPHAGITIS, ANXIETY DISORDER w/ DEPRESSION AT TIMES
NOW HAVE FOUND NODULES IN MY THYROID I SEE endocronoligist next month for that... hope i didnt leave anything out.
Id just like to know WHEN IS IS OVER.
Suggi, my heart goes out to you. ((lots of hugs)) You certainally must be a tough lady!
as for the anxiety issue. well, my gastro has strongly recommended that I get back on something for depression to help with that . as well as has my gyn. and family phys.
I just feel like im taking so much stuff right now that I dont want to do another pill and all this stuff has its own bad side effects. let alone combining the big concoxtion together! I have nexium 2x day, klonopin (anxiety), reglan 3x (gerd/IBS)...fibercon tabs. 2 calcium & vit D a day( osteopenia) allegra (allergy). alora hrt( hormones due to hysterectomy for enodmetriosis) and stopped taking zelnorm too many cramps.
Im just sick and tired of being sick n tired! and I wish it would all go away!!!!
Im so glad I have you all to whine and vent to ! :)
I cant believe I found this site, I am experiencing and researching this too. Seems there is alot of commonality between us all. I found that my heart skipped a beat when I had a weird feeling just below the sternum a little to the left. Every time it happens my heart will miss a beat. Dr says it isnt happening becaue they couldnt feel it but I didnt have the queesy feeling when they tested. A Dr friend of mine suggested a 24 heart monitor which records everything. Havent done anything yet and this has been going on 6 months. Lots more to say and discuss, but later. Good health to everyone and hope we find a cure to this.

PS I was also diagnosed with GERD but have had problems for about 10 years or so.

I had that feeling of heart palpitations for the longest time also - infrequently, but bothersome. I wondered what was going on. I did have the Holter 24 hour monitor and experienced them with it on. The monitor did not record one single heart palpitation, which led the doctor to advise me it was a spasm of the esophagus. The palpitations or whatever they are, make you feel funny, but since knowing it is not my heart, I am more relaxed about it and drink water or try to ignore it, since I know the GERD is the problem. The opening to my stomach from the esophagus is chronically open, never closes, hence the spasms from the acid reflux. I take Aciphex twice daily for it and it does a pretty good job. The key is to relax if at all possible.
to huffnpuff

I'm curious about the spasm of the esophogus - sometimes I can't tell if it's a heart palp or if it's gas stuck under somewhere - frequently when I 'burp' the palp goes away, and once I did wonder if the esophogus could spasm? Sometimes I think I'm nuts, just crazy for all the worrying I do. Lat night when trying to sleep, I kept getting this warm sensation rush up from my stomach to my head, I worried, but then wondered if it was just anxiety! It happened a few times, I worried it was my heart, but I must have gotten some sleep. Do you notice when your stomach is empty you have palps?
I have had heart palpitations on and off since I was pregnant with my son (who is now almost 4). I started abx for Lyme Disease, and that was the first thing that went away. However, after having my endoscopy, I started feeling this sensation that like heart palpitations, but more towards the center of my chest. It's very weird, and seems to happen more when I lay back, or lean forward. :confused:
[QUOTE=NancyH;3182738]You can aspirate acid into the lungs and palps can be a by product of the acid reflux, according to my gastroenterologist! I had it for a solid year non stop 24/7 tried all the drugs and nothing worked. Then woke up one day and it was better, that was in 2005! Now I get it on and off but if I take the nexium (which is the only one that finally helped)for a few days it's gone, it may be a month before I get it again. If I stay away from my most fav flavor peanut butter I have little problem. Just got to have it sometimes tho and I know I will pay for it a couple days. Acid Reflux can also bring on asthma as well. They are learning more about this annoying disease everyday![/QUOTE]

Peanut butter inflames GERD? How did I miss that? I eat smooth pb every other day trying to balance a GERD diet with one for diabetes.

BTW, I too have "palpitations" many of which are like from GERD but since they have documented an irregular heart beat it sometimes keeps me guessing especially with the left sided chest pain.

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