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Thank you for your response. Please let me know what your ENT says after you see him tomorrow. I am interested in any info I can get about LPR! My worst symptoms were a strong globus sensation and an excess of mucus. I feel fine in the morning upon waking, with no symptoms, but soon after it begins. I also have no trouble swallowing and eating is not a problem. In fact the symptoms improve when I eat something.

When I was diagnosed with LPR, my ENT told me I would not notice an improvement for at least 60 days. That was in early October. I couldn't believe I would have to wait 60 whole days to get rid of this discomfort. Boy, was I naive! 60 days, HA! I did not get any improvement until about the end of January. About the end of January or about 4 months on PPI 2x a day, I began to notice an improvement--not "all well", but some improvement. My improvement was in the form of a reduced globus sensation-it was now tolerable, rather than feeling like there was a grapefruit stuck in my throat. I continued on 2x a day through February. About the first week of March I needed to call the doc to renew the perscription but he was busy andI had to leave a message to return my call. I got a return call from his resident assistant. I was sorry I did not talk directly to the ENT doc himself. The resident asked how I was doing and I told her that I was feeling better. That could have been a BIG mistake! Instead of renewing the script for 2x a day, she said I should try only one a day and drop the meds. down gradually until I didn't need them anymore. Thus she called in a script for only one a day. I have been taking only 1 a day for the past month. The symptoms have not become significantly worst, but I don't feel like I am really improving anymore either.

I just got a letter from my insurance company today that they no longer will cover prevacid. They think prilosec works just as well and it is an OTC, hence they do not have to pay it. They will however still cover Nexium. So when my prevacid perscription runs out I am going to call the doc and ask for Nexium at 2x a day again to see it I can continue improvement rather than just reach a plateau as I feel I am now. I am hoping someone out there has had good results with Nexium!

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