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Mar 15, 2005
Hey everyone. My name's Amanda and I've had heartburn trouble for awhile. I'm young, only 20, but my trouble started around the age of about 3 years. I started taking natural remedies like licorice root and tea, but then it went away. I went to a gastroenterologist anyways just to make sure it wasn't something more severe. He assured me it's acid refluc.
Anyways, it started back up again on and off for about a year, and escalated after I had, what I think was food poisoning when I was on vacation. After I threw up, it just kicked my acid reflux back into high great.
I finally went to the doctor because Tums just aint cutting it anymore, and he gave me Protonix. It made me sick feeling and I didn't like it, so I stopped taking it after 2 days. I just went back today and he gave me samples of Zegerid 40Mg and a script if I like it. I just took my first dose, and I'm just wondering if anyone else here has tried it. I'm very excited to see if it helps!
I'm also wondering if you have tried it, have you experienced any side effects?

Amanda :angel:

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