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I'm thinking taht this may be what I have. I have been having problems since after a back surgery in November and have taken anti-inflammatories for a couple of years, thinking maybe the meds and the pain meds from surgery caused all of this.
I was getting really really super nauseous and throwing up. Getting dizzy etc., and had an upper GI and they found GERD. I took protonix and if didn't really help and now I'm taking Zantac and the protonix and it seemed to help a bit but I don't know if it's just the fact that I stopped eating a couple of hours before bed and don't over eat at all and stopped greasy, saucey, spicey or tomatoey foods and no carbonation or caffine. I was getting really sick in the mornings and the nausea would last most of the day. It's a little better now, if I control it. The nausea really stinks! I do have the lump in my throat, excessive phlem, the gagging tickle in my throat that sometimes wakes me up, hoarseness, sometimes shortness of breath and some regurgitation.
I never really get heartburn at all.
I'm thinking that from what I've read it's LPR. I can deal with everything but the nausea I guess. It's no fun but will they ever find a med that helps!!
I see the gastro doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping for some answers. Does anyone have nausea and take anything that helps?
I love to drink beer and can't cause I get sick, will I ever be able to again?


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