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Had a bit of a scare yesterday, as I developed chronic diarrhoea and was worried as I've heard that this can be a rare complication of the Nissen if the surgeon nicks the Vegas vein (straight to worst case scenario hey!) I was also feeling sick with it and even though I only had a partial wrap it is not a good idea to be sick after this operation (although most people can't actually be sick, they would have dry heaves apparently.) Anyhow I'm pleased to report that I wasn't sick and the "runs" passed after 24 hours. I feel much better today although my insides are sore again after the workout they had!!!

The ongoing good news, is

Still no reflux at all
No serious wind and I can actually burp quite well :-)
Orange juice tastes so lovely once I got past the 1st nervous gulp.
Am back to work today after 8 days
The 5 incisions needed for the laparoscopic surgery are healing extremely well, in fact I've had no pain from them really.
AND NO PPI's needed for me since the operation!!!!!!!!!!! It feels pleasantly strange to wake up in the morning and not have to roll over and take my pills.

Life is exciting all of a sudden; I'm looking for to a vindaloo next week, lol.

It's a shame many suffering people are so afraid of the Nissen Fundoplication, I think that there's a lot of fear going around from the fact that most posts are from unfortunate people who've had bad experience from the operation. All statistics point to it been 90% successful in curing reflux and gladly I'm currently in that side of the statistic.

I must say that I would be more nervous to have the full wrap though as all my research points to the partial wrap been less problematic post surgery.
I've had the "Runs" since last Wednesday, so I'm finding that inconvenient and frustrating. It is possible that I've picked up a bug that going around in my area, but likewise it is also a common post op complaint. I'm hoping it will pass very soon. Other than that I still have some minor shoulder pain, but that's it.

I can eat anything I want in theory now, but because of the persistent bowel problem I have to be careful what I eat. I've lost 5 kilos from this, but I don't think it's the type of weight that will stay of very easily, once I get my appetite back.....

I'm back to work no problem and still had no reflux, hehe.
Hey blasterboy

How are you doing? I was just wondering how it's coming with the recovery. Anything new from the surgeon/doctors? How are the side effects (runs, pain,etc). Are you still reflux free? Let us know please. Thanks and good luck with the recovery. Hopefully things will be back to normal in the near future. Mike

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