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[QUOTE=am1975]I am in the same boat. I had a TNE and they found severe burns on my voice-box and lining the esophogus. I am pretty sure in my case it was made much worse by anti-inflammatories I was taking for an injury. In any case, I've been on the PPI's for over a month now and am feeling much better. It is especially important to take one at night. I don't know about you but my throat hurt so bad beforethe dx that I thought I was dying. I can happily say that is behind me and I am sure yours will be soon. Best wishes.[/QUOTE]

Hi there:)

Thank you for replying. I am sorry you are going through the same thing because I know how frustrating it can be, but I'm glad you are doing better. That makes me feel a little better.

You said that your throat hurt, but did the middle part of your chest between your breast bone hurt too? That is where I am having most of my trouble. Right now, it hurts real bad. I feel like someone is squeezing my esophagus. I've just started taking Prevacid Solutabs and I do notice a little difference. I just hope that this pain ends soon because I have a hard time sleeping when it hurts like this.

I did get to talk to the nurse at my doctors office today and she told me that I had the beginning of erosive esophagus. They didn't find any ulcers or any pre cancerous cells. Thank God! She told me to just stay off of caffeine and fried foods. Just basically watch what I eat. I've actually lost 10 pounds, but I feel like anything I eat sets it off. Do you feel pain right after you eat too? I feel like I have something stuck in my chest.

I have some blood work to do, so I guess I'll find out a little more then. He wants to do a Gastrin Level(sp?) to see how much acid I have in my stomach.

Anyone else have any suggestions? I just need a little comfort right now, I am still scared that I may get cancer down the road. Anyone else with this?


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