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I am 19. I've had reflux since I was 16. I was diagnosed when I was 16 after a year of constant vomiting, loosing 50 pounds, tearing a hole in my esophogus, giving myself 14 cavities. I have also thrown my electrolytes off countless times. I was diagnosed by the peds GI after no other doctor knew what the heck was wrong with me. I had the hole in my esophogus then. I went on 60mg of Prevacid. It worked wonders for awhile. Then symptoms returned and I was switched to Prilosec, then back to Prevacid, then they added Carafate. I still was pretty sick and then I was getting fevers everyday and getting dizzy. That was the first time I threw my electrolytes out. I had a gastric empty scan, and was tested for rare diseases, but it was just the electrolyte problem. I got better for awhile using the Carafate and Prevacid, then got sick again. I was switched to Nexium, when my first pH probe was done. pH probe showed major problems still, so I was switched back to Prevacid and Reglan and Phergan were added. I actually went off the Reglan because of side effects.

I have yet to find a treatment that really works for me, but the Prevacid seems the most effective without the side effects. Right now I'm looking into the fundo as myu most recent pH probe still showed severe reflux on meds.

I have a lot of posts because I post in more than one board- I have blood sugar problems, so I post in the diabetes board (though I'm not diabetic yet- I'm heading that way), I have reflux-related asthma as well, and allergies to dogs, pollen, dust, dust mites, grass, and trees, so I post in the allergy board as well.

Hope this isn't too much info mjcm. I agree that it's important to understand other people's situations.

I'm glad doing nothing will never be an option for you.

Lady 50, I'm sorry if I came across as harsh, but I really hate for people to suffer. As you can tell, I've been through a lot with reflux and know first hand how damaging it can be. I do a lot of reading and truly feel that the side effects are much less dangerous than the disease, but that's just me. You are right that it is your decision whether the drug is used or not, but please talk to your doctor about your concerns with the side effects.

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