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Hi Blondy. You have really been through the ringer! I am also researching the fundo ... it is a big move but I figure when I get desperate enough it will be there. Are you on single or double doses of Prevacid? I also had nausea, electrolyte and dizzy problems when I was on 300mg ranitidine. Finally ended up in the hospital for 2nights getting a drip ... nausea is unbearable! The situation really sucks but you seem to have a fighter's attitude which I believe is the ultimate lifesaver! Stay in touch. :)

Tyboyz, it took quite a while for the lymphnodes to calm down. Now I am on Nexium and we'll see how it goes. Frankly, I'm not completely sure if the swollen lymphnodes are from the meds, the GERD, or a combination. I have developed very sore joints and muscles and again I'm not sure if there is a systemic cause or just if I have parallel tracks going on. :confused:

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