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Vintagegirl--Like you I also want to know what to expect so I can be watching for symptoms and the progress I am making so I can report back to my doctor. Knowing what is happening and what to expect makes a world of difference in the positive communication with your medical professionals.

I was diagnosed with LPR last October after 6 weeks of miserable symptoms. It started out as a feeling of a "hair" stuck in my throat--you know that tickle in the back of your throat that you can't swallow away. It progressed to feeling like my throat was coated with "peach fuzz", or like I had a hair ball stuck in my throat! You know the cat in the movie "Shrek 2"--I know just how that cat feels! My symptoms progressed to feeling like I had a grapefruit lodged in my throat, along with an excess of mucus, and post nasal drip.

Like you I had the scope down the nostril and the doc told me I had reflux. I thought he was crazy as I had no other symptoms of reflux. Also my symptoms were relieved when I slept, or when I would eat. I figured if I would just eat and sleep the rest of my life I could feel pretty good! The doctor put me on prevacid 30 mg. twice a day. By about the end of February or approx. 5 months later, I began to feel better. When my symptoms began to lessen the doctor changed my prescription to one prevacid a day in March. I recently switched to Nexium as my insurance carrier dropped prevacid, and suggested nexium as a substitute for reflux. I am on only one Nexium 40 mg. a day now and am feeling pretty good. I am not symptom free yet, but I do think I am making progress.

Hang in there--LPR takes a long time for improvement to show. In the meantime, some of the things that helped me was to improve my diet and cutting out acidic foods. I also improved my posture. I sit at a computer all day, I usually end up slumped over the keyboard after a little while at work. That seemed to push the acids up like wearing tight clothes around your waist does. Also I chew gum a lot. Gum won't cure the reflux, but I found it soothing to my throat to have a constant supply of moisture going down. Saliva is more alkaline that the stomach acid and chewing gum I think sooths the damage from the acids.

Good luck with your progress. Each person's medical symptoms and treatment are different but I hope my story can give you some information to help you through this uncomfortable time.

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