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Hi, i am new to this but i am so glad I have found this board
For the past week or so I have been experiencing strange feelings underneath my left breast almost like a bunged up feeling??
Then I started to get a slight pain down my left arm and in my fingers.
This has made me extremely worried about my heart as i have experienced palpitations in the past - i still get them but not half as much.
The other day something happened which really scared me - I got out of the bath and bent over to reach for the towel and when i stood up i got a stabbing pain under my bottom rib just to the left side.
I pushed on the pain and it got worse and even went through to my lower middle back.
I took a couple of pain killers and it seemed to subside but i could still feel an odd sensation.
Do you think this could be gerd?
I will greatly appreciate any replies
Cham xx
Sounds like it could be that "Costochondritis". I had that last year, and it was so painful, mine too started with the same pain under my left breast. It's an inflammation of the ribs, or the muscle between the ribs, something like that. They treat it with anti inflammatories. I took 800 mg Motrin. Mine lasted for months, and was very painful at times. Do a search on it. I think I've seen it here on the Fibromyalgia boards too. Hope you feel better soon..

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