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I didnt have to take time of work but I probably should have. I am 28 and over 12 months ago my throat, overnight, developed this sensation as if there was a lump in it. It was a frightening feeling so I went to the Docs. Nothing was taken seriously in these visits and I was also complaining of heart palpitations. I think they thought I was under a lot of stress thus months passed with no relief. Anyway I saw a GI and he did an endoscope and they also notice redness on lower esophagus and stomach and as a result I am on Protonix 40mg a day. Things got better as the months went on but then I developed this anxiety associated with eating. I couldnt figure it out at all. I was so disappointed as I thought I was getting better and then this. Its all related and my Gastro Doc continually tells me its GERD but at the same time Im not convinced. The anxiety is not a result of me worrying as its my body telling me something is wrong. He is a typical Dr who already knows what you have before you tell them all the symptoms. Ive checked myself into the ER a few times in the past as I thought I was going to pass out. 12 months later its not so bad but then I have my bad days like its back to square just doesnt seem right that this all starts in life so suddenly and when I am so young. A rarely have a week without 1-2 bad days. My opinion is that GERD is so common that they diagnose you with it instantly without considering the 100's of other options. I know how you feel. They also told me I had mild gastroparesis meaning my stomach doesnt empty quick enough thus the acids build up. Do you find you dont get hungry very often. Try taking soup for your dinner at around 7pm, for 3 nights in a row and then see if the symptoms subside a little. Basically avoid having food in stomach at bed time. For me, I need to do this and almost starve myself a little and only eat when my body is very hungry. However I never had to do this before. There is more to it than these Docs tell me.

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