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Hey everybody, hows it going? I was wondering if anybody has these symptoms?

-Feeling of bloating
-Constant burping
-Feeling of Nausea/something stuck in throat feeling
-upset stomach
-Food coming back up throat(Almost as if you can taste it)

The Nausea feeling really is getting annoying. I dont know if its Nausea or feeling of something stuck in the throat, its there almost all day, its been going on for about 3 months, at first it was only at night, i used to work the graveyard shift. It would only happen maybe 2 nights a week, and then everyday, now i work dayshift, and when i wake up, the feeling is there. Also i have been burping constantly for about a month, it usually last all day, but happens about every other day. This is all just getting annoying, does anybody have these symptoms as well? Thanks and God Bless.


PS: I have been taking Prilosec, its been helping the acid/heartburn, but thats about it

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