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Does anyone find the sore throat and ear pain extremely painful? Do you get bilateral ear pain like I do at times? I feel the lump only when I swallow, never all the time like some people do. I don't have the excess mucous or coughing that I see people complain about. Sometimes I get hoarse. Other times I have a sore throat, soreness on the inside of my mouth below ear/jaw area like sandpaper has been rubbing the tissues inside my mouth, headache, anxiety from the lump and pain, and I swear the pain moves around in the back of my throat, ears, side of neck, etc. When I swallow a hear a "squeezing sound" down my throat like it's tight. And turning my head to the right I don't feel the lump so maybe anatomically it could be the enlarged thryoid and nodules I have. Nexium 40 mg twice a day for past three months only has helped somewhat. Anxiety from all if this is horrible so taking Xanax as needed.

I'm resigning from my high stress job because I can't deal with the stress of the the job anymore and running from doctor to doctor due to my health problems. Luckily I can get on my husband's health insurance. My poor husband feels helpless and I think He's getting down about it. I'm only 48 years old, used to be a healthy, outdoor's active person. Now I veg out on weekends sleeping and taking pain pills, antianxiety pills and obsessing over what the heck this could be. I'm a health care professional and I can't figure the $%^#@ thing out and even the docs give me different opinons. Ever since my hysterectomy almost two years things have gone down the tube. Sorry to be such a downer. I'm just desparate and it's hard to keep going. Has anyone with LPR had these similar unusual symptoms that affected their quality of life? Or could it be the thyroid doing this? I have an enlarged goiter with two nodules, one being 4 x 5 cm. Or the titanium dental implant/sinus lift? I go back to the ENt and rheumatologist this week so will see what they say. Any medical professionals out there or LPR sufferers with similar scenarios that can give me their thoughts on this. Thanks so much.


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