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:eek: I have had Upper GI Series done in April/05 which showed a Hiatus Hernia and Reflux. At that time I was bothered with swallowing like over a lump,chronic cough(especially at nights and for years-post nasal drip that I have could be responsible for this).I also had some stomach pain in the upper left under ribcage. I also had an abdomonal ultrasound which was okay.I saw the ENT and he said, " Anxiety!" I was put on Pantoloc(PPI) at the time of the stomach pain and also given an antibiotic for suspected H Pylori. The Dr. never did give me the results of the blood tests done at that time. He kept saying it took so long for results to come back.

During May of this year I continued to have the swallowing problems (like swallowing over something,some dysphagia with dry foods and once in a while with liquids). I also started having a burning tongue, difficulty breathing(like shortness of breath and sort of a burning in the back of my throat),Night time and morning feelings like something on my chest keeping me from breathing well,( heaviness).

I also have a lot of mucus in the back of my throat, and a sore tight feeling in my throat.I am hoarse in the morning for quite some time.

I have never really had anything come back up into my throat that I have noticed but it does feel like the burning sensation moves up my throat. Tis is especially bad at night. I have difficulty sleeping because of the breathing , swallowing and throat symptoms.

I have just changed family Drs. during the past month which may not be great because of lack of continuity but felt that I wasn't being heard about various things but that is a different story.

I have been put on Pantoloc this week and have been told to see what happens in 2 weeks . Then we will likely do the endoscopy which my old Dr, hesitated to do a while back because he thought it was quite invasive. I do want to know though if there may have been damage caused bt the burning feeling I have.

My neck is also sore and my shoulders.I have had jaw discomfort and ear pain with nothing ever showing in my ear. I may have some TMJ . I also have severe osteroarthritis is my neck and clavicle area which may be causing some of the symptoms.

Have any of you had similar symptoms? Some that came later and decided to stay? What are your thoughts? After reading the board I really wanted some thoughts from others. Biya
:eek: I have another thread that I don't know if you have read. I was at the ER today with my shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. They did the Blood tests, ECG ,a chest X-Ray and had me hooked up to an oxygen nebulizer. Every thing came back normal. They asked about a history of Anxiety Attacks which I have not had. They left saying to keep taking my Nexium which I am now on.I was also given a pres. for a Ventalin inhaler.

They said come right back if I deveop pains or more breathing problems.

Who else out there has beathing problems? It feels like someone is pressing my chest.


I still have all my other symptoms....

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