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So lucky for this board and the search function, need a little advice. I have pretty much all the symptoms of GERD. Lump in throat, bloat, can't burp, nausea constantly, stabbing amazing pain in my chest, can't swollow, heart palpitations. Really kinking the living tar out of my body over the last year.

Thing is that it is linked with my weight, I have found that when I start to lose weight I start to have a episode. Anything lower then 8%bf and I start to get hit real bad, I basically turn anorex and don't eat anything because of the pain which makes it even worse. I drop down to maybe 500-600 calories a day eat mainly yogert and beans which make the symptoms even worse.

Somehow along the line I got a hangup in my head that food causes the GERD so I simply forget to eat.

I have tried everything to gain weight but it seems that all the foods that I have tried, (IE High calorie stuff) simply does not make a dent, plus it causes a few of the GERD symptoms, the lighter stuff not the heart palpitations and the fatiguie.

Does anybody else have these hangup's like I do or noticed that there weight affects there symptoms.

I have been on and off just about every medication in the book, nothing has worked, except licorice root which seems to calm the pain down a little in my espfigius. I have had a scope, barrium swollow and a untrasound nothing shows up.

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