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[B]hey guys I need some sort of strong medicne for gerd an gastritis, my stomach fills up with gas all day long it goes to my chest area and sometimes I feel like I am having a hart attack! i have been to teh ER countless time Please let me know what meds you all take for this, I have tried protonix and zantac and zelnorm, nothing helps.I was thinking of trying an over the counter medicine,

the only thing that is really good is a product called oxy-powder which is sold online, it comes in pill forms and it works magic on my stomach but I have troubel swallowing bigger pills so i cant take more than 1, and 2 of these pills take my gas away and my stomach pains, you guys outta try it its all natural and does work on me and I have severe gastritis, i just cant swallow them, they kind of stay stuck in my throat.[/B] :eek:

Choking on food because GAS comes up while I try to swallow food, Help
oh and the reflux and gas is horrible sometimes when i am trying to swallow food, gases want to come up at the same time and I get a choking feeling and its so scary I almost passed out the other day from it,

I have to eat with a few glasses of water and drink after each bite its terrible, because I get so bloated, but teh water literally has to push the food I am cheswing down before teh reflux and gas come up aghh what a struggle this is, tried protonix,zantac,zelnorm and nothing helps
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