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Reading this sx sound so familiar. I get acid reflux now and again, but didnt think it was anything to think about as far as other sx go. Here are the sx I am speaking of:

Sometimes get a sharp, stabbing pain right under the rib cage..usually on left side..sometimes this pain will be right under my left breast

Fullness in chest and throat

Tightness in throat, like I cant swallow..but I can

Acid in my throat when I bend over, especially afte taking fish oil

I also have significant anxiety so I never know what is anxiety related and what could be something else. I did by Gas X with Maalox (new chewable tablets) and they seem to help, but worry about taking them everyday.

Does this sound like GERD? Any other sx to look for? Can this hurt me or can I put up with it with OTCs?

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