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Hi everyone..boy oh boy do we suffer with this condition huh..I know there are worse things in life but this sucks..since my last visit here I am currently being knocked by severe oesopilogitis (doctors words) caused by acid reflux..the pain was the worst I have had with this yet..I was at the doctors 3 times with this last week!..I dont consider myself a baby , Im 40 years old ..but this pain I could not stand..each time I went the doc gave me stronger medication ..I am now on 40mg Nexium a day and gaviscon advance 4 times a day and am scheduled to have a barium has took about 4 days for the Nexium to act on the acid but I am grateful for small mercies..but I still feel really ill! ..Im left with bad pain in my shoulder and neck.. dry sore mouth and nose..a chronic sore throat..pressure and burning in my flushes..I kinda feel like I have flu and yet I dont have much of a temperature..I dont know if this last episode has done untold damage ..Im hoping not..I only know if I dont start to feel better in a couple of days Im going back to the doctor..Ive been on sick from work for 2 weeks and that is so not like me!..maybe I need some antibiotics or something ..has anyone else had this with the same symptoms?
Thanks for listening
Take care all XX

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