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Re: Question?
Sep 19, 2005
Hi ,i had the same thing happen to me,the pain in my back stayed for a good 2 months but is a lot better now,its your esophagus that has become inflammed,it takes ages to heal im afraid.Try to avoid any hard crunchy foods and anything too acidic like orange juice for a while.I also dont eat within 3 hrs of bedtime.
hope you feel better soon. :)
Re: Question?
Sep 21, 2005
Not many people seem to get the back pain but i found it to be the worst of all,it was between the shoulder blades or maybe a bit lower,i thought it would never go away but then i realized if i drink only water it started getting better.
just a drink of Orange juice would give me a stinging back pain.My consultant told me it was probably inflammed esophagus and would take a while to heal.
I was put on omeprazole for 2 months but it made no diffrence as i was not experiencing reflux, so i am now medication free and symptom free.
i still get the occasional twinge when drinking juice so i dont overdo it,but it does get better eventually.Does this sound similiar to your symptoms?

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