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GERD under control
Sep 18, 2005
Thanks for everyone who has posted in response to my questions, or that I received help by reading your postings. After five months of GERD, I'm finally on the upswing. For those of you are just starting down that road, yes, there is light at the end of it. 6 weeks ago I was ready to drive off the road from pain, frustration and anxiety. Today - I'm eating what I want and doing well. In August my cough was every day, every day. My throat was raw and sore, and no matter what I ate, I was miserable. Today, it's all gone. Just a quick recap. Meds weren't working, my PCP put me on XANAX to relieve my anxiety. The next day, the cough was completely gone, and sore throat relieved. the symptoms started to come back, so I started Prevacid a week later. Now, six weeks later, I'm off the Xanax and taking Prevacid each day. I had PIZZA and soda friday night, no problems at all. After postponing it for a month, I finally had the endoscopy. And yes, I was TERRIFIED. I imagined that everything that could go wrong would go wrong with me. For those of you who are worried about it, don't be. It was easy easy easy. I don't remember a thing after the the nurse asked the doctor "is she ready?" And best of all, no damage to my esophagus and no Barrett's either. So don't give up hope!


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