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I have a few questions. I have been going through a lot lately. At first I was just sure that something was wrong with my heart. My whole story is a little long, but I pretty much know that I have GERD. I just picked up my perscription for it. I'm just not sure it is causing my symptoms. I get a burning sensation under my left breast, up through my sternum, that travels into my left armpit. I have been burping up some of the food,ect.. It does not seem to get worse at night. I have been having little sharp pains in the sternum area that are worse when bending over. I have been getting an awful taste in my mouth after eating. I also have a hernia. I have been getting short of breath since all of this has started with what feels like chest pressure. My question is, does any body else have the burning sensation go all the way into their left arm or armpit area? Does anyone else get short of breath from this? Is it ever aggravated by exertion? I have had numerous heart tests. The cardiologist is watching me, but nothing has really shown up.

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