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Can someone help me with getting off of Prilosec? I take it for moderate gastritis with erosions (also have GERD but no esophagitis, and biopsy ruled out [U]H. pylorii[/U]). Zantac helps a little but not much.

Whenever I go off of Prilosec, within 3 days I have bad chest pain and what feels like esophageal spasms (that also make me feel on the brink of fainting for a second). I could almost tough it out, except the combination of pain *and* wooziness is annoying as heck.

Yes, diet restriction and times of eating have little or no effect on this pain.

Would carafate help?

Are there good alternate regimens? My husband keeps telling me to try apple cider vinegar before every meal.

I want to get off of Prilosec mainly because it is drying my mouth and accelrating cavities. I am also nursing my son and it seems to dry milk up enough to be annoying to us both.

Any advice appreciated.



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