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Just diagnosed with LPR last week (after 5 months of being treated for "respiratory problems) and I have all the dumb beginner questions. There are still things I don't quite understand and the ENT didn't seem too intent for my trivial pursuit. So here are some random questions. Answer one or answer them all, take a shot. All theories appreciated.

My stomach has bubbling noises every night when I go to sleep. Have always thought they were just benign stomach going-ons. Or is it ACID ready to kill my esophagus and throat!?

Chest pains suck. They really do impinge on the quality of life issue. The referred pain to the rest of the body really wears me down. Do they go away? Who's had chest pains continously?

Acid reflux, ultimately a loose sphincter muscle issue? Or too much acid? Or a combination of both? How can you have acid reflux if your sphincter stays shut, even if you have loads of acid?

Anxiety? Connection? Can it be the cause? Or does it just serve as an enhancement of symptoms?

I'm 32. If the problems remain, but they are not life-threatening, should I push for surgery? Will surgeons operate if they think you're doing fine on meds? I'm not sure I want to live 40, 50 more years on nexium and a restricted diet (I usually eat very well, but I miss spices, etc. I used to eat tomatoes every day and it kills to not have them now). I don't want to sleep on a slant for the rest of my life, etc.

Why is it some have bad breath with acid reflux and some don't? I do, unfortunately.

Why did ENT diagnose me with LPR without doing a scope? She did a scope the first time around and didn't mention anything about reflux. She diagnose me with a sinus problem instead. Now she says my symptoms are very LPR-ish.

How did you take it for you to suspect acid reflux? I'm fairly dense...had occassional chest pains with sore left arm episodes for years and thought I had poor circulation, or slept on my arm, didn't stretch out properly before exercise, etc. Duh.

How long for acid reflux to do damage to the esophagus, throat, and loose sphincter muscle?

How long on a PPI before you go back and tell the doc it's not working? How about if you feel worse, how long do you tough it out? My ent told me not to come back for 3 months.
This is all new to me too. My doc says I have acid refluc chest pain, but lots of belching...acid up into my throat and burning...tight sensation n my throat at times.

I too eat a very, very bland diet...I have IBS too, so this helps out at both ends!!! My stomach gurgles too..mainly at night when my tummy is empty...I swear my husband can hear it, it is so loud.

I don't eat fatty, spicy, fast or fried chocolate (uhmmm!! halloween candy) , alcohol and don't smoke. I already take 2 meds for high BP, don't want any other meds in my body...I have anxiety too...makes everything in my life worse..panic is a terrible thing.

So, I decided to try ACV (apple cider vinegar) tastes bad...I take 1 TBL w/honey in a glass of water before each meal..drink a glass behind that to rinse my works for me...much less acid up into the throat at all..stomach feel pretty calm...I did have a sour, queasy stomach throughout the day and it would wake me up at night...I still get that on occasion, but much, much better.

I think mine is from anxiety, Toprol-xl (beta-blocker) and with having lower back problems I took Naproxen (alleve) for one month and then Ibuprofen for another month and was also taking an aspirin a day...I stopped all the anti-inflammatory meds and starting taking a ACV just about 2 1/2 weeks ago...have felt much better.

My doc said come back in 2 months if not gone or much better...I don't know how long it takes to damage the esophagus or throat.

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