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I've been taking the RACV for about 2 weeks now and really want it to work!!:blob_fire
I don't even mind the taste!
So far though I can't say I've noticed much improvement.:(

I've got the symptoms of the previous post, burning scratchy throat, constant throat clearing, and bloating after eating just about anything.
I also have frequent burping which is a new thing that started about a month ago. The last couple weeks I've been getting chest pains, usually on one side or the other, it's worse when I bend down. I don't have heartburn, or acid regurgitation (thanks for small favors) and have diagnosed myself with LPR.
I'm wondering if RACV works for people with LPR rather than GERD, :confused: and if the difference between the two diseases can be affected by the treatment? My doctor thinks they are the same, and gave me Prevacid which I don't like to take and it seems that it's only gotten worse rather than better so I quit taking the samples she gave me.

I am going to a Gastro this month to see what he says and whether another endoscope is in order to check for erosions.

I would love any replies from people who think they have LPR and what luck they've had with any treatments or lifestyle changes. I'm at the end of my rope :(

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