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Hello, looking for a little help if at all possible. I am active (I do 4-5 hours cardio a week) and am realatively healthy and try to eat correctly. I am a little bit overweight and I am trying to work on that issue too. I have had since the summer months, frequent heartburn issues. Finally started taking Pepcid AC a few months back and after a few days in it I am back to normal. Then days later after I stop taking it, the reflux starts up again. (I hate constantly taking any type of medication) I believe that it is a form of GERD (from reading on this board) probably from what I eat. I have finally made an appointment with a gastroenterology Doctor for next Friday. I have also read about the ACV and am going to give that a try for the next few days to see if that helps.

I also have some other issues. I have as of the last few weeks, had what can be described as chest pain under the center of the rib cage. It seems to be in the same place as where the reflux pain would be although this feels different. It feels like a chest cold would per say. I dont have the classic heart attack symptoms like left arm pain,sweating,nasua etc. I was sick about 3 weeks ago and got over that in about a week but this currently seems/feels different. I now get the Reflux with the chest pain. It comes and goes but seems to be a bit stronger than before. I will deffinately be discussing this next Friday with the Doctor but just wondering if the 2 could be GERD related or if they are different problems. TIA

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